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Tutorial Videos

CircleIt is a first-of-its-kind platform with built-in features that facilitate the sharing and storing of precious memories for future generations. The tutorials below will walk you through all you’ll need to know to start building your virtual time capsule today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers below to some of our most frequently asked user questions. Have a question that isn’t below? No problem – let us know and we’ll get you an answer within 24 hours!

Why should I complete my profile page?

It’s important to complete your profile. It’ll help us build connections for you and foster communication between you and your inner circle. Plus, the more information you provide, the better our smart technology will be able to suggest cards and remind you of upcoming events, occasions and holidays.

WHY AM I defining my RELATIONSHIP to each CONTACT?

Defining relationships with your contacts helps our smart technology suggest cards and communications and remind you of upcoming events, occasions and holidays.

what time zone does card delivery take place?

You can select the exact date and time that your card will be delivered. This will always be local to the time zone of your recipient according to their device’s GPS.

why are some card delivery dates prefilled?

We prefill all holiday cards with the actual date of the holiday – just pick the year! Want them to get the card the night before? Don’t worry, you can still adjust the date and time manually!

Stories from the Heart

Bailey Sellers Dad Sends Flowers from the Grave
Dad Sends Daughter Flowers Every Year From Beyond The Grave

Bailey was just 16 years old when her dad, Michael Sellers, passed away from cancer. Two months after her father’s death, Bailey arrived home on her 17th …

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Wife Receives Emotional Valentine From Late Husband

Truly an undying display of love. Even though Richard Cox died in 2012 after his three-year battle with throat cancer – his wife, Tracey Cox, still receives flowers …

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Wife Receives Bouquet of Flowers from Husband in Heaven

Randy Tenney passed away in December of 2019 after a short battle with a rare form of brain cancer. On Valentine’s Day, a mere 2 months after his passing, a …

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14 Years of Christmas Presents from Elderly Neighbor in Heaven

Ken Watson, 87, died recently, but the family of 2-year-old Cadi Owens was shocked to learn that their elderly neighbor left Christmas presents to give their …

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